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Hybrid Cloud

The Cloud, Designed for Your Business

Organizations have rapidly growing amounts of data, and today's business applications require increased bandwidth, storage, server CPU cycles and other key performance capacities. Organizations are turning to the cloud to meet their IT demands while also decreasing capital expenses. However, for some companies, shifting to a solely public or private cloud isn't the best option. That's why we offer hybrid cloud environments to meet all of your unique needs in one customized solution.

Costs minimized. Management simplified.

There's no such thing as a typical IT infrastructure or one-size-fits-all hosting solution. With mindSHIFT, we bring all of your servers under one management umbrella that will simplify IT management for you. More features and benefits include: 

  • Increase data center capacity while reducing costs and satisfying compliance requirements.
  • Modernize legacy applications like ERP, CRM and custom business apps.
  • Reduce disaster recovery and high availability service costs.
  • Transform the data center to an automated, end-user-friendly, self-serve function.

Learn four reasons to implement a hybrid cloud, including use cases for today's business environment.

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Keep workloads on premises

Some companies choose a hybrid cloud environment to keep select workloads on premises while they move others to the cloud. Either they have security and privacy concerns, regulatory concerns or internal policies and procedures that do not allow for a full cloud deployment. By choosing a hybrid solution, they're able to extend computing power while still meeting their unique concerns or requirements.

Buying time before a full cloud migration

Other companies are using a hybrid environment to buy time as they prepare for a full cloud migration. On-premises applications need to be readied for cloud deployment, which takes time and resources that some organizations can't spare immediately.