Industry East coast meat distributor
Size 50+ employees
Location Bronx, New York
  • Cost of managing, maintaining and supporting its own IT infrastructure heavily outweighed the benefits
  • Sophisticated pick-and- pack technology used in critical overnight hours in the warehouse were frequent to malfunction and needed immediate IT support
  • Unreliable small third-party IT services provider
  • mindSHIFT total IT management and Cloud Services
  • IBM Power 6, IBM Power 7, IBM iSeries and IBM management and hosting
  • mindSHIFT taking complete responsibility for Nebraskaland’s IT infrastructure, from hardware and networking to wireless access in the company’s warehouse
  • Improved efficiency, decreased costs, risk removed
  • Improved IT infrastructure, real-time backup, efficient disaster recovery
  • Ongoing dialogue on a month-to-month basis when mindSHIFT technicians meet at Nebraskaland to discuss routine items and perform maintenance as needed


Nebraskaland, the largest distributor of meats and processed foods in the NYC metro area, came to mindSHIFT because they faced consistent disruptions and malfunctions with their current IT structure. With critical overnight shifts and more than 50 employees using sophisticated technology to pick and pack different products to be delivered early the next morning. If that technology isn’t working, then Nebraskaland is at standstill. Enter mindSHIFT.

We were able to offload their costly hardware and customize their software, implementing cloud technologies wherever viable to optimize performance and increase overall efficiency from the ground up, from point of purchase to delivering the product.

Hear it from Them

Executive Vice President of Nebraskaland
Dan Romanoff

“The mindSHIFT technicians were on the dock and in the freezer with us, analyzing what caused our problem and got it fixed,” said Romanoff. “They really came through for us.”

“Our mobile proof-of-delivery is a big advantage for us,” said Romanoff. “Our IT infrastructure gives us so many benefits, from helping us deliver a high quality product to controlling output and coordinating the time we deliver—and how fast we deliver—our  products.”