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Industry-Leading Cloud Services

Say goodbye to frequent hardware and software purchases, updates and disruptive system upgrades. Now you can handle it all in the cloud. As a result, your organization will transform what was once a great capital expense into affordable operating costs. Plus, our cloud-based services allow companies to meet compliance requirements and reduce security risks due to theft, hardware failure, user action or data stored on local devices. Users simply log in to their personal workspaces in the cloud via a browser from any supported device and enjoy a secure, reliable connection anywhere, anytime.

Increase service, reduce cost, simplify deployment—what more could you ask for?

Keep your data accessible and secure and your systems scalable and up to date in the cloud. Our cloud-based services include:

  • Support for Windows® and Mac® computers, Chromebooks®, iPads®, Kindle® Fire tablets, and Android® tablets.
  • Encryption using government-level 128-bit AES encryption.
  • VoIP, Microsoft Office suite, Adobe® Reader and any other apps you need for your business—if you need it, we can install and support it.
  • Compliance for PCI, HIPAA and more

Accessibility, security and scalability—you get it all in the cloud. 

Companies of all sizes can now reduce the headaches, costs and complexity of deploying patches, upgrades, new apps and having to secure local devices. New employees, students or temporary workers can be authenticated and onboarded in minutes with instant access to an approved workspace—from their own device.

Move to the cloud and decrease your costs.

With our secure desktops and other cloud-based services, your organization can turn capital expenses into operating costs and save big in the process. As a result, you can forego the need for new hardware purchases and operating system upgrades and free your team from IT concerns, while simultaneously expanding computing power, decreasing both personal and network storage demands, and taking advantage of the latest in cybersecurity best practices. It's like a win, win, win, win, win.